Jarom Eubanks is an alternative artist from Salt Lake City, UT with some crazy tunes and crazy personality! When performing live Jarom will always be in his pajamas and the fans have started coming in their pj's too.  Jarom has had some great opportunities such as opening for Gang Of Youths, and performing for the celebrity judges during his American Idol Audition. 

check out some reviews of my latest single Mad Man!

"This is overall a great song, the lyrics are clear and it tells a story. The music also suits the song well. This reminds me of Queen and 80's ballads, although with a modern take. Great music."

"It has a very Queen like feel to this song especially the singing. It has a nice flowing beat and it's kind of unique in how it feels but it's overall pretty catchy and nice to hear."

"His voice is haunting and reminds me a bit of Freddie Mercury! The instrumentals are beautiful and captured my attention instantly. This song would be perfect for a movie trailer!"



great music for a great world